Dinner's Done

No time to cook? No time to eat out? No worries! At Café 110, we’re dedicated to providing delicious meals and classic comfort food with a healthy twist – plus a little something extra for your cheat days. In short, our menu is always tasty and usually good-for-you – and now you can take it home! All for $28.99

This Week's Menu

Order by 3 pm
Pickup between 4:30 pm - 6:00 pm

1.Veggie Lasagna with salad and garlic rolls
2. Beef Lasagna with salad and garlic rolls
3. Veggie Curry with salad and flatbread
4. Chicken Curry with salad and flatbread
5. Pork Ribs, baked beans, and pasta salad
6. Chicken enchiladas, rice, beans (chips and salsa)
7. Beef enchiladas, rice, beans (chips and salsa)
8. Cheese enchiladas, rice, beans (chips and salsa)
Feeds 2-4 people
Call 405-724-7195 or text 405-590-7772

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Cafe 110
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